Westfest 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Sunday the 2nd of June saw the annual Westfest 'Big Sunday' event, on Magdalen Green, Dundee.

I was invited along by Mark Lindsay, Live Sound Lecturer at Perth College UHI and Director of Aztech (Pro Sound and Light).

The day started off very wet, so the first order of business was erecting the 2 Gazebos for FOH and Mons. I finished erecting FOH as the kit was loaded in. I was then tasked with setting up the PA and Monitors for the DJ tent, at the east end of the Green.

This also included all power, 16A (3 Phase) to 32A (Single), through a 'Toblerone' into the 63A Distro. I then ran 1 x 16A to SL, which went to cee-form into 2 kettle leads for the subs.The tops were 16A - power con.

I linked all speakers together, with the L/R mix going into the tops.

I also helped on main stage with changeovers, getting microphones in the right place, ensuring musicians were happy, along with FOH and Mons being happy also.

An informative day, huge thanks to Mark and the crew for having me!

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