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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The end is here. Today, the Graded Unit for HNC Sound Production is due!

The blog has been inactive since the start of April due to work, college, band and general life commitments.

This will be the final entry for the Graded Unit, but I expect to keep posting from time to time regarding experiences outwith education. Without further ado, here is a synopsis of the last 6 weeks;

W/C 8/4/19:

This week, I was working as a sailing instructor, and as such only managed to add small bits (mostly pictures in the Sound Re-inforcement section) to the website.

W/C 15/4/19:

- Continued work on my Audio for Multimedia Project.

- Rehearsed for the inaugural UHI StageNights.

- Added the finishing touches to my Critical Listening Essay, ensuring it met the requirements. Submitted this essay.

- Started writing up the Acoustics section of the website.

- Worked as a Sailing Instructor on Wednesday Evening, Thursday and Friday.

- Had a gig in a local Village hall with The Coostie Folk on Saturday Evening for a golden wedding anniversary - exceptional fun! Perfected the use of in-ear monitoring for myself and the fiddle player. Sadly the Whistle player had a ruptured ear drum, and as such we reverted to foldback - not the end of the world.

W/C 22/4/19

- Continued work on the Audio for MultiMedia project. Starting to take shape.

- Finished my 'In the Box' mix for Multi-track mixing. Started looking into a track to mix for an analogue mix and landed on 'The Last Stand'.

- Finished writing (the first draft) of the acoustics section of the website.

- Moved onto writing the Creative Industries Section of the website.

- Realised after looking at exemplar websites in class that my acoustics section was excessive. Re-wrote this section.

- Starting trimming the audio for 'The Last Stand'

- Another weekend of teaching sailing.

W/C 29/4/19

- Continued my Audio for Multimedia project - focussing on footsteps.

- Went to see my old music teacher, Harris Playfair perform alongside renowned fiddle player, Jenna Reid with Mr McFalls Chamber at the Perth Theatre, with Rory and Maddy from The Coostie Folk - was an excellent concert! We then managed to catch the end of the open mic night at the Green Room, with Chris Small, Jay Supa, Michael McNab and friends.

- Mixed 'The Last Stand' in eastlake 3.

- Continued writing the Creative Industries section of the website.

- Due to car issues, I had to miss the UHI Stage Nights.

- Work began on my personal development plan for Working in the Creative Industries.

- Friday of this week saw my girlfriends birthday, and as such I had a weekend off.

W/C 6/5/19

This week brought the realisation that the Graded Unit was due in less than a fortnight.

- Continued working on the footsteps for the Audio for Multimedia project

- Finished the Creative Industries Section of the website.

- Finished and submitted the Personal development plan.

- Chose, trimmed and mixed 'Own Way to Boogie'

- Wrote the DAW 1 Section of the website.

- Obtained Screenshots from my DAW project.

- Uploaded the DAW 1 track to Soundcloud, and linked it to the website.

- Produced the musicals Showreel

- Had a gig with 'The Coostie Folk' in Duns, Scottish Borders. A great gig!

W/C 13/5/19

- Continued the footsteps work for my Audio for Multimedia project.

- Had my mock interview for WICI (and got the job).

- Mastered all three tracks for Multi-Track Mixing and obtained all relevant screenshots.

- Wrote the section on Multi-track Studio work.

- Wrote the Sound Production theory section

- Wrote the Sound Re-inforcement Section.

- Wrote this blog post.

- Submitted the Graded unit!

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