Making Good Progress.

Updated: May 17, 2019

The past few weeks have been very busy both at University and personally, with a lot going on with work, and as such I've not quite managed to keep up with the fortnightly schedule.

Below, I inform you of what I have been doing for the past few weeks.

WC 18/3/19

- Continued to populate the website with information about the HNC Sound Production Course.

- Began adding sound to the Audio for Multimedia, along with Dialogue.

- Completed an analogue mix on Tuesday, and with mixes about halfway there "in the box", I am happy that I will have 3 good mixes by the middle of May.

- Had Acoustics Assessment on Wednesday of this week, which entailed plenty of revision.

- Had a gig with TrìHouse Band on Thursday evening of this week in Forgans, St Andrews. Ran sound for this, took my PA System.

- Had another Gig with The Coostie Folk on Friday in The Berwickshire High School, Duns. I provided the PA and I was the drummer. This was also the first gig which we have used In-Ear Monitoring for, which worked very well, and the Guitarist brought his octaves along, which changed the dynamic of the group for the better.

-Played at the Plough Inn, Leitholm's Beer Festival on Sunday of this week, along with other prominent Borders Folk Musicians.

W/C 25/3/19

- Continued to add sound to my Audio for Multimedia Project on Monday

- Started another in the box mix for Multi-Track Mixing - halfway done.

- Talked about the requirements for the Critical Listening Essay in class.

- Continued my Sound Production LO1 by sourcing prices for equipment.

W/C 1/4/19

- Wrote my critical listening essay, based on Paolo Nutini's Iron Sky

- Wrote this blog post

- Formalised the websites language, and spellchecked the website, before putting it live.

- Revised for Acoustics Remediation

- Uploaded more files to the Website.

Here are some Photos from the last few weeks.

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