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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Throughout the month of February, I built the infrastructure of the website, and begun the population. As well as this, I wrote my SWOT Analysis and Gantt chart for this project, alongside completing work for other units, such as the CV and Cover Letter for Working in the Creative Industries.

Below, I outline the work I have done up to week ending 1st March 2019.

W/C 28/1/19:

- Signed up to

- Begun the designing of the website, including drop-down menus for ease of navigation.

- Wrote the "About Me" Section of the Website.

- Ran sound for "The ECHO Lab" drum clinic in the Goodlyburn theatre.

- Went to Celtic Connections over the 1/2/3 Feb to see An Orange Conspiracy (Broadcast) and RURA (St. Lukes and the Winged Ox.). Both of these portrayed exemplary musicianship, however the gig in Broadcast was far too loud.

W/C 4/2/19:

- Wrote the information about "The Coostie Folk", with help from the band using the collaboration feature.

- Included the page dedicated to the bands music, allowing potential customers an easy way to access the material.

- Started working and made a lot of progress on the CV and Cover letter for Working in the Creative Industries.

- Recorded drums for Shetland Square Park (The Coostie Folk) on Tuesday evening in Eastlake 3, assisted by Iona Grieve (BSc Audio Engineering 3rd Year), Liam Wilson and Steve Addison (Both HNC Sound Production Group 3). I sought help as I was the drummer for this recording.

W/C 11/2/19:

- Added the "Contact Me" Page, allowing potential customers to easily contact me.

- Started filling out the Previous Work page, showcasing my breadth and depth of ability.

- Submitted the CV and Cover Letter for Working in the Creative Industries.

- Got underway with the SWOT analysis and Gantt chart for Working in the Creative Industries.

- Started mixing Shetland Square Park in the evenings.

W/C 18/2/19:

- I finished and submitted the SWOT analysis and Gantt chart for Working in the Creative Industries.

- I began to populate the HNC Sound Production Section of the website with information about the course overall, as well as the specific Units.

W/C 25/2/19:

- Went to see Cory Wong (of Vulfpeck fame) on the Tuesday of this week, outstanding performance and exemplar sound at Oran Mor!

- I began to upload previously completed material from the other units in the course to the relevant pages (Reports and schematics etc.)

- Finished mixing and mastered "The Coostie Folk" Project - titled 'Shetland Square Park'. Had a day of writing social media posts promoting the release of the track on Thursday (28/2/19).

That is a snapshot of the month of February! From now on, I plan to write a blog post every second Sunday, regarding the previous fortnights happenings. There are some photos attached for your enjoyment.

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