A busy fortnight.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The last couple of weeks have been busy, with assessments for a few classes, as well as the plan for this Graded Unit project being due.

W/C 4/3/19:

- Completed roughly 3/4 of the Graded Unit plan this week.

- I began taking location recordings for Audio for Multimedia - which I thoroughly enjoyed.

- Undertook a lot of revision for two assessments the following week: Working in the Creative Industries and Acoustics 1.

- Continued to upload files onto the website for the graded unit, as well as making the website appear more formal in its layout and colour scheme, as well as continuing to write about what each unit entails on the HNC course.

W/C 11/3/19:

- Finished, proof-read and submitted the plan for Graded Unit this week.

- Revised for, and sat the assessments for: Working in the Creative Industries and Acoustics 1

- Wrote this blog post, as well as uploading more material to the website. Adjustment of layout is ongoing.

- Made a dedicated Instagram account for my work as an Audio Engineer, and linked this onto the website.

- Sound Re-inforcement allowed the class to get behind the M32, X32 and X32 Compact boards. I personally used the M32 to mix a pre-recorded track, and save the mix as well as effects sends as a show file, satisfying the requirements for passing that section.

All in all, a productive fortnight,

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