A day with Fatherson (V2)

Saturday 12th October saw the Tenement Trail Festival take over the Gallowgate Area of Glasgow. Having received a phone call from Production Manager Steven Selby on the previous Friday evening, I was asked to go along and work!

Arriving on site at the Barrowland Ballroom, I called the Tour Manager Fraser Fulton to gain access to the venue.

The first part of the morin was spent tidying the stage of flightcases, setting up 'Frasers World' (Guitar Tech corner) and getting the stage set for sound/light check (which included some fun escapades with some items of staging).

We set the pedalboards/keyboards up on stage, put mics on the drum kit and spiked everything to ensure we made the changeover as easy as possible.

During soundcheck I helped to set up the tech monitor mix, as well as ensuring everyone on stage was happy. After soundcheck we moved everything off stage, removed the opaque sheets and blacked everything out. While soundcheck was underway for the other bands, the Fatherson crew headed off and all found some food, saw some bands (I caught Swim School) and reconvened at the Barras for the first band. We started our pre-show prep about 40 minutes before the slot.

As soon as the final support had finished, we were on stage, getting the opaque panels on, putting pedalboards inn the right place, re-wiring mics and DIs and taping cables down to ensure there were no trip hazards for the band.

During the show I was liaising with the PM/TM to ensure they were happy, as well as periodically checking the dressing rooms were OK, then running to the FOH engineer to ensure he was also happy.

After the show, we ensured the stage was cleared in a timely manner, then we headed to the afterparty at Firewater on Sauchiehall St.

Fatherson crew was:

- Production Manager: Steven Selby

- Tour Manager/Guitar Tech: Fraser Fulton

- FoH Engineer: Bruce Rintoul

- Lighting Director: Stephen Keenan

- Operational Support/Security Services: RIPE. Services Ltd (Kris Dailly), James Windebank.

- Production Assistant: Will Derries

Soundcheck for headliners; Fatherson

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