A Day with Fatherson

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

On the 18th of May, I ventured across to the O2 Academy in Glasgow to work on what was undoubtedly the biggest event I've ever been a part of; Fatherson headlining the 2500 capacity venue. I was asked along by the Production Manager, Steven Selby.

The day started by unloading lamps from the van and getting them up onto stage, where the house and tour lampies rigged them, and programmed them. We then proceeded to get the band backline onto stage, including setting up drum kit, amps, synths, guitars, pedals and 'Frasers World' (Guitar tech corner).

Once all of the above were set-up, the FOH Engineer set-up kit and amp mics, leaving me to sort out DI Boxes and vocal mics. (4 DI Boxes, 4 Vocal Mics). I also set-up a spaced pair of ambient mics to give the IEM mix a bit of room feel. after this, I ensured all cable runs were tidy and were not going to cause any danger to the performers.

We then proceeded to line check and soundcheck Fatherson, followed by the supports; Vukovi and Bryde.

At this point, we had pyro checks and then went for dinner.

During the gig itself, I was a runner for the FOH Engineer, checking the sound at various points throughout the venue, and ensuring that, despite warnings on the array program, the amp wasn't actually clipping.

After the show, we were all out in under an hour and a half, with everyone pitching in (even the band). We then went to the afterparty at The Garage - but I shan't get into that!

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