Digital Audio Workstations

Lecturer - Neil Innes

DAW 1 Covers the basics of setting up and using a Digital Audio Workstation, and in the case of Perth College, this is ProTools. This module consists of three Learning Outcomes.

LO1: Configure a DAW.

LO2: Perform Audio and MIDI integration.

LO3: Perform a mix down of a session with audio processing.

We started off DAW 1 by being introduced to correct studio powering up procedures (turn on control surfaces, turn on external hard drives, power up the interface, turn on computer and speakers). The same is true in reverse for powering down. We were then given an insight into Avid ProTools, looking into the sample rate and bit-depth ProTools should be running at - 48kHz and 24Bit.. The bit-depth gives a more accurate sound, and more headroom. We were then introduced to the functions offered, and their respective shortcuts.

Next, we looked into edit modes, covering the differences between slip and grid, as well as the pro's and cons of each (slip gives flexibility but perhaps not ideal for music, grid sticks to bars and beats). Afterwards, we looked into creating click tracks, and quantizing audio tracks.

We then learned how to fault find in ProTools when recording audio tracks (setting and checking inputs/outputs on the track, as well as checking the hardware and I/O in the setup window)

At this point, I felt confident using ProTools, and as such went on to start my final DAW 1 project.

The final project had to be at least 3 minutes long, with 6 Instrument tracks and 6 Audio tracks, one of which had to be recorded through an interface.

In the Gallery below are screenshots from my ProTools session for my final project. You can find the audio from the project above.

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