Creative Project

This page aims to satisfy the criteria of Creative Project, which is a core module in the BSc Audio Engineering course. 

The core task of this project is to "Plan, develop and implement a practical based project to a given brief and delivered as a

professional portfolio."

We then had to choose one of three options, which were;


Live option; You should plan and record a live band at a venue. This

should involve pre-production liaison, technical planning,

identification of resources and agreed completion stages. The

final recording should be multi-tracked on the night of the

performance and then mixed to a stereo file


Studio option; You should produce a 3 track release. This should involve pre-production liaison, demographics, creative planning,

identification of resources and agreed completion stages. The

final product should be presented as a ‘showreel’ portfolio


Multimedia; You should provide a portfolio of sounds effects for a proposed

video. This could involve creative synthesis or Foley or a

combination of both. Additionally, you should choose a short

video clip (< 1 minute), to over-dub that demonstrates diegetic

and non-diegetic components. Your submission should be

presented in a portfolio.

Additionally, on completion of the task, a 1500 word evaluation should then be produced.

The Studio option was chosen for this task. Following choosing this option, a discussion was had with the Creative Project lecturer, Neil Innes, who agreed that my proposed plan to record Huddersfield based Indie-rock band, Just Suppose, was a good one. As such, the wheels were set in motion for a 5-track EP to be recorded during two weeks in December. 

Below are the products of this module.

Audio Files

Supporting Documentation